Randy Gerrick Bio | Q&A

I've lived in Northeast Ohio my entire life. I learned to fish at a very young age from going on fishing trips with my dad. I probably got my love for the outdoors from him too. I'm an outdoors fanatic and can't get enough of any activity that has anything to do with the outdoors, but float fishing for steelhead and salmon are at the top of the list. I've been chasing steelhead for about fifteen years and really got into it a little over ten years ago.
I also enjoy trotting for lesser known fish like shiners, chubs and catfish. I'm glad to have the opportunity to teach others what I've learned about float fishing as well as share various casting techniques and how to make balsa wood floats. I've learned a lot about steelhead fishing from people I consider to be the best in the great lakes region and I hope to pass that information on so other people won't have such a steep learning curve.

Welcome, Randy Gerrick


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