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Q: If you were given only one species to pursue for the rest of your life what would it be?
A: Although I haven't had the chance to fish for them yet, I would say Tarpon. Based on everything I've read, and every bit of video footage I've seen, the Silver King meets my criteria for an ideal "fight" in a fish. Incredible leaping ability, incredible speed, brute strength, able to attain great size, a willingness to chase and bite flies, relatively easy to find in estuaries, tidal basins and flats, and the awesome beauty of its appearance. PLUS... Chasing Tarpon would mean warm weather, beautiful sunsets and Fergie Freezes!!!!
Q: What's your most memorable fishing experience?
A: When I was in 4th grade in Maryland, I got sent down to the office nearly twice a week because I was "disobedient" in class. There was one time when I was told to go down to the office and call my mother and tell her what I had done... "this time".

So, I called her and she said she wanted me to meet her out in front of the school in 10 minutes. When she arrived to pick me up, I was fully expecting to be in even deeper trouble than before. But to my surprise, my Mom said, "hop in George. I've packed your fishing pole, your tackle box and some lunch. Lets go for a drive."

We drove for about an hour until we reached the Chesapeake Bay. We stopped at a bait and tackle shop and my mom went in while I sifted through my tackle box dreaming about what kind of fish I was going to catch. Several minutes later, my mom came back to the car with a bag of goodies. Inside the shop she had bought some minnows, shrimp, bigger hooks and some new line and got the drop on a hot spot for fish from the shop owner.

We then proceeded to a park / boat launch on the bay where we carried our supplies along the shoreline until we reached the "spot" under the bridge where the tides were coming in and filling the estuary. My mom helped me rig up, and before long I was casting my shrimp rig into the rising tide. That's when I caught my first Striper. What a blast! I'll never forget that experience. I caught fish after fish that day. There were Stripers and flounder and too many other weird looking fish that I could never possibly identify.

Q: What style/technique are you currently working on?
A: Tying classic Spey flies and fishing them on the swing via sink tips for Steelhead.

Q: What's your next new challenge/interest going to be?
A: Atlantic Salmon this coming fall on the more secluded Lake Ontario tributaries.

Q: If you could change one thing in the fishing community, what would it be?
A: I would like to change the intolerance and disdain that many fisherman display for anything other then "their way" of fishing. We're talking about fishing here... not proper attire for a Polo match. Fly fisherman, Spin fisherman, Bait Fisherman, Hardware/lures/plugs...whatever, the beauty of fishing is the diversity. How many changes in fly, spinner color, spoon, worm, or lure does a fisherman make in a day? As long as there is the fundamental principle of fair chase, respect for the environment, a shared appreciation for the sport, and an adherence to the rules that govern the body of water, who cares how a fisherman chooses to get their FIX?

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