Brian Zadorecky

Jack of all, master of none. That's how I'd describe myself when it comes to hunting and fishing. But then again do we ever master any of our pursuits? Growing up fishing the "steelhead alley" region of Lake Erie and having a trailer in NW Michigan, my passion has long been stream fishing trout, salmon, and steelhead. My other interests (or obsessions as my wife calls them) are great lakes walleye and smallmouth, inshore saltwater, and
waterfowl hunting. I am the anti-purist and enjoy using fly & conventional tackle, lures, bait, trolling, hand-lining, still fishing, or whatever sounds fun that day.

If I had only one day left to fish it would either be throwing surface plugs to redfish and Snook or plug fishing Oct/Nov steelhead in the great lakes tribs.

Latest: River Plug Hook Swap | Detroit River Handlining | Coming Soon