Leon Hanson

I made my first fly rod in 1957 out of a 7í spinning rod, tied my first fly that year also, from a neighbors chicken. My first trout came the summer of 1960 from the Fall River, my first Steelhead would be 7 years later from the Little Manistee River.
Over the years Iíve traveled to the four corners of the US, guiding in Alaska for a couple years, lecturing around the Midwest covering topics such as Hex Browns, Indicator methods, rod building, and miscellaneous minor techniques. In the late 70ís my passion turned to Bamboo rod building. Thirty years and over a hundred rods later I felt it was time to move on.

In the early 90ís the Float Fishing bug bit me and I havenít turned back since. Initially I hated it, but with a little patience and a bit of observation I eventually got the hang of it and even started to enjoy myself. I ended up designing, manufacturing and marketing my own float reel due to the inadequacies I found in other brands. Now, Hanson Advantage Series Reels are the only US made float reel available. While testing the reel prototypes I found there were not US made rods readily available. A quick phone call and a couple years later, the Loomis STF1601 is finally available; and itís awesome!

Future plans include retirement and then getting re-acquainted with that weekday fishing from Florida to Montana to Michigan.

ProStaff- G. Loomis, Sunline, Yamaha, Carolina Skiff, Ashima, Drennon.

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