Meet the guests & contributing writers here at Quest.

John Derbabian
As with most people that eventually guide, I have been fishing all my life. It has been a passion that I like to share with others. I have been very fortunate over the years to do my share of catching and now it brings me great satisfaction to…(Complete Bio)
Mike Durkalec
I have been a fisherman my whole life, chasing everything from sunfish to musky. My true passion, though, is reserved for steelhead and the other salmonids. I caught my first steelhead in a Cleveland area river in the mid...(Complete Bio)
Al Bullock
I have lived in Detroit and the surrounding area most of my life. I have been involved in the outdoors sports from an early age, first to fishing then to hunting as a teen. In the mid seventies I was introduced to Steelhead...(Complete Bio)
Ted Voise
In spite of growing up in the cornfields and woodlots of Southwestern Ohio, fly fishing and fly tying were taken up at 9 years of age; 35 some years of obsession continue to this day.Shortly after the fly fishing bug bit...(Complete Bio)
Herb Jacobsen
My name is Herb Jacobsen. I’ve been guiding since 1968 or there abouts. Part time to begin with and in 1975 I went to full time guiding. I guide, or have guided, in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and now Michigan...(Complete Bio)
Steve Fraley
I've done a lot of things in my life, but fishing and hunting have always been my passion. For the past ten years I've been lucky enough to make my living from the things I love. In the early 1990's I moved to Baldwin… (Complete Bio)
Leon Hanson
Over the years I’ve traveled to the four corners of the US, guiding in Alaska for a couple years, lecturing around the Midwest covering topics such as Hex Browns, Indicator Methods, Rod Building, and MMT's. In the late...(Complete Bio)
Brian Zadorecky
Jack of all, master of none. That's how I'd describe myself when it comes to hunting and fishing. But then again do we ever master any of our pursuits? Growing up fishing the "steelhead alley" region of Lake Erie and...(Complete Bio)

Guest of the Month
Mike Durkalec

Guest Content

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Leon Hansen Float Reels
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