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Eric Zadorecky
Eric grew up in Ohio fishing Lake Erie and its tributaries as well as Michigans trout waters. In the late 80s his career took him to Michigans upper peninsula, where he spent the next several years chasing just about everything with fins...(Complete Bio)
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Chris Hatcher
Chris has been a Michigan resident his entire life. As a dedicated dry fly and streamer fisherman, he is one of the only staff members to consistently produce trout over the 20" mark...(Complete Bio)
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Brian Doelle
Brian moved to the Detroit suburbs from Madison, Wisconsin 13 years ago. It wasn't until a trip to Sault Ste. Marie in the fall of 1996 that he was introduced to fly fishing. He's been an addict ever since...(Complete Bio)
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Tom Brooks
Tom spent his entire youth within a stone's throw of the Huron River in southeast Michigan. His parents built their own house on farmland that met the river downstream from the old Bell Road bridge...(Complete Bio)
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George Ferguson
Growing up in Michigan and Maryland has given George the opportunity to explore a multitude of fishing opportunities in both fresh and saltwater. From the very first fish he caught; a Rainbow Trout on the Betsie River when he was 7...(Complete Bio)
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Mike Durkalec
I am lucky in that I have been able to combine my love of the outdoors and nature with my profession as an Environmental Scientist. I earned an M.S. in Fisheries Management from the Ohio State University in 1996, where I...(Complete Bio)
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Randy Gerrick
I've lived in Northeast Ohio my entire life. I learned to fish at a very young age from going on fishing trips with my dad. I probably got my love for the outdoors from him too. I'm an...(Complete Bio)
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Contributing Writers and Guests
Quite a bit of our information comes to us from a great selection of guests. People who "know their stuff", are on the water many days a year, and practice what most of us just talk about.
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