Sinking (Mini Tip) Spey Leaders

When swinging deep, one of the often overlooked components is your leader. Since it's your leader that ultimately connects you with your fly, and hopefully a fish, it pays to spend a few minutes building a proper one. I've come across all kinds of leader setup's on stream, spanning a range from 1' to 12' long, packaged knotless to level mono. I'm certainly not a leader authority, but let's look at what works for me and why. I'll even show you a little trick for making and storing pre-tied sinking leaders.
First off, you're probably sitting there thinking "Duh, don't all leaders sink". What we're looking at here is leaders for use on sink-tips or sinking heads. I've always called them Mini-Tip leaders (MT), as I first started tying them for nymphing lake run Browns and Steelies on very short sink-tips. I don't think this is the commonly accepted name for them, but old habits die hard.
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