G. Loomis Roaring River Spey Rods G. Loomis Spey Line Recommendations
Along with the launch of their Roaring River spey rod line-up, G. Loomis has released line recommendations for each of the new rods. While line manufacturers like RIO have been matching their spey lines to various rod models for some time, we hope that more rod companies follow Loomis's lead. This can only simplify the often daunting task of matching spey rod to line, and further promote the sport.
The Roaring River spey rods are divided into 3 series, split up by the casting styles they were intended to be used with. To find recommendations for your rod, please choose a series from below:

Greased Line Series - Traditional casting styles and action
Dredger Series - Skagit style rods
Stinger Series - Scandinavian style rods for underhand casting

How to read the charts
The charts list the various spey lines and weights down the side and Loomis rod models across the top. To match a line to your rod, select the model from the top and read down the column untill you find your desired loading characteristic (see below). Then read across to find the corresponding line, as well as it's weight and head length.

About choosing a loading characteristic
Which loading characteristic to choose is generally a function of your casting ability and the style of spey casting you prefer. The descriptions below should help you find the characteristic that's best for your situation.

L (Light rod load)- A very light load. Not recommended for beginning casters.

ML (Medium Light rod load)- A lighter load is generally best for more advanced spey casters looking to cast longer distances.

M (Medium rod load)- A medium load achieves a comfortable, moderate load at medium to medium-long casting distances. An excellent choice for intermediate to advanced casters.

MH (Medium Heavy rod load)- A heavier load ideally suited for fishing at shorter distances. This is a good choice for novice casters, and can also become the basis for a customized skagit style head.

H (Heavy rod load)- A heavy rod load is generally not advisable unless customizing a line for skagit style fishing.