Guideline Spey "Gathering"!
What would Fall be without the traditional Spey gathering on the Muskegon River?

Saturday, November 10th, 9:00am until ??
On the Muskegon River
Henning Park, Newaygo, Michigan


Toni Karuvaara from Guideline Sweden will be demonstrating Underhand Casting and explaining how to get the most from your Guideline rods and shooting heads.

Peter Humphreys, Guideline Pro Staff, FFF THCI/CI, will present a basic spey casting demo, covering fine tuning your casting skills (anchor, D-loop, and applying the 180 degree rule).

Neil Houlding FFF THCI/CI, G. Loomis Pro Staff, will be available to assess your spey outfit and will freely give advice on your rod/reel/line combination and your technique or lack thereof.

Manufacturers' Equipment On Display:
Although this is a showcase primarily for Guideline products and staff, this is a free event and any and all brands and manufacturers are more than welcome.

Dress for the weather: waders, rain gear and eye protection. Bring your favorite line for the weight of rod you prefer to cast. We will have grills available at the park, so bring your grillables and a drink for lunch.

For lodging and other information on the location and river, check out our MUSKEGON RIVER Section of the site. See ya at the clave!