The Scots Didn't See This One Coming!
So much tradition, and so many ways to bastardize it. Quest's spey fishing section brings you the Great Lakes slant on an age old method. From fishing the riffling hitch to indicators on the long rod (speydicator!), Quest shows you where this art came from and which direction it's going in, and helps you become a better fisherman in the process.

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Neil Houlding; What is underhand casting?
G. Loomis Line Recs
With the launch of their Roaring River spey rod line-up, G. Loomis has released line recommendations for...
Neil Houlding; Proper stance when underhand casting.
Spey Line Management
You'll cast farther and avoid tangles when shooting line into your spey cast with this easy to learn technique.
Neil Houlding demonstrates an underhand cast; Snake Roll 90deg Change of direction.
Ferrule Care 101
Lets face it, spey rods are subjected to tremendous forces while casting, and some times bad things happen.

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