Tiemco 3761 #6-12
Black 6/0
Red hackle fibers
Yellow and Black chenille
Brown hackle fibers
White tipped mallard quill
This fly was one of Hemingway's favorites for fishing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.). This fly most closely resembles a drowned bee, and can be fished wet or dry.

Step By Step:
Start thread and tie in red strung Chinese hackle barbs for tail.
Strip a small amount of the fuzz from a piece of black and yellow chenille to expose the thread it is wound on. Tie in as shown.
Pull the yellow chenille forward and make 1 full turn of the black chenille over it and secure with the thread.
Now move the thread up a bit, and pull the black chenille forward and make 1 full turn of the yellow chenille over it. Secure with thread.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 so there are alternating sections of chenille.
Tie in a beard of brown hackle fibers as shown.
Finally, select and match a set of white tipped mallard feather sections and tie them in as a wing on top of the shank.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher