Grouse and Flash
Standard dry fly #14-18
Black 8/0
Pearl Krystal Flash
Natural hare's mask dubbing
The Grouse and Flash is easy to tie, and is a good springtime searching pattern. Fish it through the riffle sections and over gravel runs.

Step By Step:
Start thread at eye and tie in 2-3 strands of Krystal flash.
Wrap Krystal Flash to bend, and then back to starting point. Secure and trim excess.
Dub a small ball of natural hare's mask at position shown.
Tie in a small grouse feather by the tip as shown.
Make a few turns with the feather, each one directly in front of the last. Sweep the fibers back during the wraps to make the fibers have the folded look. Secure feather and finish with a small head.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher