Blue Charm (Tube)
Plastic - length to suit
Black 6/0
Yellow Floss
Black Floss
Silver tinsel
Blue and Black buck tail - in the round
This tube fly is a version of a popular Atlantic salmon fly pattern. Tied around the tube and not just on one side, it has a great profile and is pretty easy to tie.

Step By Step:
Start and wrap back to the point shown. Tie in yellow floss at this point, leaving 1" of slack that will help to secure the floss wraps.
Make 4 wraps of yellow floss towards the back and return wrap to the tie off point. Tie off and pull the 1" bit of floss over the top and tie off. This makes sure that the floss does not slip off towards the back end of the fly.
Tie in black floss and rib material, and then wrap the thread back up to the front of the tube.
Wrap floss up to the front and tie off, followed by the tinsel. Secure and trim excess.
Take some blue buck tail and roughly even the tips as you would when tying a Mickey Finn. Tie a small bunch in at the top and bottom of the tube as shown. When tying "in the round", the materials are supposed to encompass the tube, but should also be sparse as to reveal the body on the sides.
Repeat step 5 with black buck tail to finish the wing. Whip finish and cement.

Additional Tips/Photos:
Tie this tube in different sizes (lengths). You can also make some substitutions for materials. The wing material could be dyed squirrel tail, and you could try wool yarn for the body.

Tied by: Chris Hatcher