Mega-Diver Mega-Diver

Tiemco 8089 #2
Gudebrod GX2
80# Hard Mono
Yellow Big Fly Fiber
Opal/Ice Flashabou
Yellow Deer Belly Hair
3-D Moulded Eyes

The Mega-Diver is a great toothy-critter pattern by Larry Dahlberg. 9 out of 10 Pike agree, this fly is delicious!!!

Step By Step:
Attach your tying thread near the eye and lay down a good thread base. Make sure you're using a really strong thread like GX2 or 3/0.
Cut a 6" piece of heavy mono and tie it in along the shank with the tag end extending to the rear. Wrap down well into the bend and don't cut the tag end, as we'll create a weed guard out of it later.
Tie in a medium bunch of Big Fly Fiber at the rear of the hook shank. Bind it down well and trim the butts.
Tie in a dozen or so strands of Flashabou on top of the Big Fly Fiber. Tie it in long, so it extends nearly to the ends of the Big Fly Fiber.
Cut a large clump of deer belly hair and clean out all of the underfur. Holding the clump by the butts, with the center of the hair over the top of the tie in point and the tips facing rearwards, take two loose wraps around the hair.
Begin slowly pulling your wraps tight as you release your grip on the hair. You'll feel the hair start to slip and spin around the hook shank.
When your wraps are pulled really tight the hair should flair out in every direction. Take another tight wrap or two directly over the tie-in wraps. If it doesn't turn out quite right stick with it! Spinning hair takes a bit of practice to get the hang of, but it's a lot easier than it looks.
Now pack the hair tight by pushing it firmly towards the rear of the fly. Take several wraps in front of the hair to help hold it in place. Be carefull that your fingers don't slip when packing the hair as you'll impale yourself on the hook! You can use a hair packer to help avoid bleeding on your fly.
Repeat the process with another clump of hair directly in front of the first.
Pack this clump just like the first to make room for your last clump.
For your last clump, make sure you use the right amount of hair to fill the remainder of the hook. Pack the clump back just enough to leave a bit of room behind the eye for the weed guard. Now whip finish and cut your tying thread. It's time to trim!
Use a sharp razor blade and start by trimming the bottom flat and rather close to the hook shank. Be carefull not to cut too close though, as you could accidentally nick your tying thread!
Now trim the top and sides into a tapered cone shape. The best way to do this is by bending a double sided razor blade into a curve. Make sure you leave some long hair at the back of the fly as a collar. Don't sweat it if your trimming is perfect. I promise the fish won't mind.
Re-attach your tying thread at the eye and pull the mono forward so that it lays along the bend and point of the hook. Tie it in using several firm wraps.
Trim the mono and tie off again. Add a few drops of head cement at the front of the fly for durability.
Mix up a tiny bit of 5 minute epoxy and cement on a pair of 3-D eyes. Go Fish!

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can tie Mega-Divers in a variety of colors. Yellow is the most popular, but black and white are also productive.
  • Use a sharp double edge razor for all trimming work; watch your fingers or break off the opposite side and make it a "single edge".
  • Tie up a few while your at it. Pike have a way of chewing things to pieces!
  • Try fishing Mega-Divers on a short sink tip. The fly will dive down on the retrieve and slowly float back up to the top, which drives pike crazy!
Tied By: Erik Rambo