Zoo Cougar streamer Zoo Cougar
Mustad 9672 #4
Gudebrod GX2
Brown Maribou
Med. Copper Wire
Hen Pheasant
Brown Deer Body Hair

The Zoo Cougar is one on the newer streamer patterns around. Developed by Michigan's own Kelly Gallup, now a Montana resident, the Zoo Cougar is well received by BIG Brown Trout.

Step By Step:
Start with a threadbase.
Tie in a very full maribou feather forming the tail.
Tie in a length of medium copper wire for the rib.
Twist the maribou feather to form a "rope".
Wrap it up the hook shank to form a body. Make sure to stop well short of the eye, you need to leave lots-o-room for the head.
Wrap copper wire up forming a rib.
Tie in 2 overwing feathers on top.
Tie in the first bunch of deer hair. Stack and pack it, don't cut the tips off & don't stack it too uniformly, better to go for the tapered look.
Secure tightly the first bunch of deer hair, bring the thread in front of the bunch, but still behind the hook eye.
Stack, pack and trim the ends off of another bunch of deer hair. Tie in. Half hitch or whip finish.
Using a razor, trim the underside flat.
Remove any stray hairs from the bottom; ensure the hook gap is clear.
Using the razor again, this time bent to form a semi-circle, trim the head to form a slight wedge.
With a little work you should achieve the Zoo Cougars signature profile. Cement the thread wraps if desired.
Top view.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can also use Mallard Flank for the overwing, but I find the coloring with hen pheasant better immitates a sculpin.
  • Use a sharp double edge razor for all trimming work. Watch your fingers or break off the opposite side and make it a "sinlge edge".
  • Other good colors for Zoo Cougars are green and yellow.
Tied By: Eric Zadorecky