Woolly Sculpin
Tiemco 300 #2-6
Black 3/0
Black Marabou
Black Chenille
Black Strung Chinese Saddle
Black Deer Body Hair
Black Deer Body Hair - Clipped
This is a Kelly Galloup streamer pattern. With its broad head, it provides a realistic profile for a fleeing sculpin.

Step By Step:
Start with a very secure thread base.
Wrap threadbase back to the hook bend. Tie in the marabou feather so it is about the length of the hook shank.
Tie in the hackle feather by the tip here, followed by the chenille. I used a cactus chenille to add a bit of flash to the body.
Wrap over the excess marabou feather and trim. This helps to add a bit of volume to the body.
Wrap the chenille forward and tie off. Then palmer the hackle forward and tie off and trim.
Cut a clump of black deer body hair and tie it in so that the tips sweep back over the body a bit. Take a couple of wraps through the flared butts to lock the hair in place.
Spin or stack another clump of deer hair to fill up the rest of the hook shank. Tie off thread and trim excess.
Complete the fly by trimming to shape with a razor blade or sharp scissors. Trim the bottom of the head somewhat flat, while trimming the rest of the head somewhat broad. Take care not to cut the hair that forms the collar.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • This fly is tied in many colors and combinations. Chartreuse, yellow, white, black, tan and natural shades work best. You can also add a cone head if desired.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.