Stacked Blonde Stacked Blonde

Mustad 79666s
Uni-Thread Big Fly
Chartreuse Bucktail
Chartreuse Crystal Flash Chartreuse Maribou

A modification of Joe Brooks Blonde, originally a saltwater pattern. This is a good choice for turning big browns, who often find the fly's wide profile irresistable.

Step By Step:
Start with your keel hook point down in the vise.
Attach your thread just behind the keel and form a light thread base.
Tie in a small bunch of bucktail around the shank. To spin the hair, hold the bunch on the top of the shank and take two loose wraps around. Now gradualy pull the thread to tighten the wraps while slowly releasing your grip on the bucktail. The tighening thread will spin the hair around the shank.
Trim the butts and bind down along the shank.
Tia in a few strands of crystal flash above the bucktail. You'll want the crystal flash to extend just slightly behind the bucktail.
Now flip the hook over in the vise and advance the thread up the shank.
Tie in another small bunch of bucktail on top of the shank aprox. half way up the keel. After it's attached securely, lift the bucktail and take several wraps of thread directly behind the hair to help lift it up off the shank (see photo in step 8 for proper angle). Trim the butts and bind down.
Tie in one last clump of bucktail directly at the bend and on top of the hook shank.
Trim the butts and flip the hook over in the vise.
Select a long marabou feather and tie it in on top of the shank in front of the bucktail.
Trim the butts and wrap a tapered thread head.
Whip finish. You can add painted eyes and/or epoxy the head to finish the fly.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Try fishing the fly on a heavy sink-tip with a fast retreive to really lure big browns out of the woodwork.
  • Try tying a narrow grizzly saddle hackle down each side of the fly before wraping the head to give the fly a more natural mottled appearance.
  • Other good colors are white and yellow.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.