Marabou Mickey Finn Marabou Mickey Finn

Tiemco 5263 #4
Black 3/0
Silver Mylar Tinsel
Yellow and Red Marabou
Gold Holographic Tinsel
Lead Dumbells

Just like the original, only bigger and badder! This easy to tie fly will really turn fish.

Step By Step:
Start thread at eye.
Tie in mylar tinsel and wrap back to the bend, and return wrap back to the eye. Trim excess tinsel.
Tie in your eyes using figure-8 wraps. It's a good idea to cover your thread wraps with a drop of zap-a-gap to improve durability and to keep the eyes from rotating.
Flip the hook in the vise and tie in a large yellow marabou feather. Trim the butts and bind down.
Tie in a few strands of gold holographic tinsel.
Tie in a large red marabou feather. Trim the butts and bind down.
Build up a small head and whip finish. Done!

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can of course tie this fly in a variety of colors, although the yellow/red combo is very effective.
  • If you want a slow sinking fly try using plastic or bead chain eyes rather than lead.
  • The lead eyes flip the hook, causing it to ride point up.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.