Mickey Finn Mickey Finn
Tiemco 300 #4-10
Black 3/0
Flat Silver Mylar Tinsel
Buck Tail

One of the most popular streamers around.

Step By Step:
Start thread at hook eye and tie in body material.
Wrap mylar to rear of shank and return wrap back to the eye.
Prepare a small bunch of yellow buck tail for the first layer of the wing. Even the tips of the hair by pulling out fibers and rearranging them to get a somewhat even tip.You can use a hair stacker, but we really donít want perfectly flat tips for this fly. Measure the bunch to extend just past the hook and pre-trim so that there is a bit of an angle at the butts. This will help lift the buck tail a bit and keep it from laying flat along the hook.
Tie down the buck tail and cover up the butts with thread.
Repeat steps 3 & 4 with red and yellow to finish the wing. Build up a small head with the thread, tie off and cement head.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.