Cone Head Madonna Cone Head Madonna
Tiemco 300 #4-2
Black 3/0
Silver Mylar Tinsel
Zonker Strip
Deer Body Hair
Brass Cone

Another Michigan born pattern. Fish it with an eratic strip-pause retrieve to really move big browns.

Step By Step:
Place the cone over the hook and place the hook in the vice. Build up a bit of thread behind the eye to help hold the cone in place. Tie off and clip thread.
Slide the cone forward over the thread to the eye. Some people like to glue the cone in place with a drop of epoxy.
Re-attach your tying thread behind the cone. Tie in a piece of mylar tinsel with the gold side facing up.
Fold the tinsel so the silver side is up, wrap to the bend and back to the tie in point. Bind down and trim the tag.
Tie in a zonker stip on top of the hook shank, leaving a bit of room for the head. The strip should be about 1.5-2x the length of the shank.
Stack a medium bunch of deer body hair and spin it onto the hook with the tips facing rearwards. To spin the hair, hold the clump on top of the hook shank and take 2 loose wraps around it. Now gradually pull the wraps tight while slowly releasing your grip on the hair clump. The tightening thread should pull the hair around the shank. Take a few more tight wraps over the tie in point to lock in the hair, and then push the hair back and make several wraps in front of the clump.
Spin on one more bunch of deer hair to fill the remaining hook shank. Whip finish.
Trim the hair into a nice smooth taper like the one in the photo. Make sure to leave a few long tips facing rearwards for the collar. I've found that fine point scissors actually work a bit better for this type of trimming than a razor blade.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can of course tie this fly in a variety of colors, although white, black, and natural are the most widly used.
  • Another popular variation is using spun wool for the head and collar instead of deer hair.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.