Grau's Tiger
Tiemco 300 #2
Black 3/0
Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Buck Tail
Red Hackle Fibers
Thread & Painted Eyes

Step By Step:
Start thread at eye. Tie in Mylar tinsel and wrap back to the bend, and return wrap back to the eye. Trim excess tinsel.
Prepare mixture of red and yellow buck tail, pre trim to length (just past hook bend), and tie down.
Tie in a few strands of pearl flashabou for the next wing.
Continue adding the required wings of yellow buck tail, pearl flashabou, and green buck tail.
Tie in red hackle feather by the tip.
Make a few wraps of the feather and tie off. Pull down the fibers evenly on both sides of the shank and wrap back over the fibers a bit to form the throat
Slick fibers back and secure.
Whip finish head; add eyes if desired and cement.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • This fly was created by Walt Grau, a well know Pere Marquette river guide.
  • I like to tie this pattern with small adhesive eyes with a thick coat of head cement covering the entire head.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.