Feenstra Sculpin Emulator Feenstra Sculpin Emulator

CS15 Carrie Stevens 10x Long
-or- Daiichi 2220 #2
3/0 Brown
Natural Wood Duck Flank
Olive Barred Schlapen
Golden Emu
Olive Barred Marabou

A pattern created by Kevin Feenstra fished on the Muskegeon River in Michigan. This is a great Winter Steelhead pattern, fish it deep and slow during the cold months. When the water warms up try swingin' this pattern too!

Step By Step:
Start with a very secure thread base.
Wrap threadbase back to the hook bend. Tie in the marabou feather so it is about the length of the hook shank.
Tie in the hackle feather by the tip here.
Followed by the 2pieces of Emu.
Bring your thread forward to about the 3/4 mark up the shank.
Wrap the Emu forward and tie off.
Palmer the hackle forward,tie off and trim.
Tie in your Wood Duck Flank Feather by the tip.
A couple wraps should do it, tie off and trim the end.
Cut a clump of possum or rams wool and tie it in so that the tips sweep back over the body a bit.
Take a couple of wraps through the flared butts to lock the hair in place.
Complete the fly by trimming to shape with sharp scissors. Trim the bottom of the head somewhat flat, while trimming the rest of the head somewhat broad. Take care not to cut the hair that forms the collar.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Original Pattern by Keven Feenstra.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.