Brown Trout Streamer Brown Trout Candy
Mustad 9672 #4
Black 6/0
Gold Mylar Tube
Black Zonker Cut Bunny Strip

The Brown Trout Candy is a great streamer that's easy to tie and very effective. The pattern is extremely simple for one major reason... When rippin' streamers in and around wood for big trout, you're going to loose lots-o-flies, if you're not, you're not getting close enough to pull those bigger fish out. After a friend of mine went through my entire small box of streamers (almost 50 streamers!) I knew I had to find a faster tie. The below is the culmination of quite a few years of trial and error.

Step By Step:
Start with a VERY secure thread base. Add a coat of head cement if desired to secure the base so it doesn't spin.
Cut a piece of mylar tube to approx length. Make sure to remove the cord! Place it around the eye and slide back to desired length to form the tail. Place enough thread wraps to secure firmly, cement if desired.
If you want, you can add a few wraps in back of the tail to make it stand straight back, otherwise many times it will end up sticking down after you tie in the bunny strip.
Cut a zonker cut strip to length and place it on top of the hook. Wet your fingers and smooth the fur back out of the way so it can be tied in without tying down the fur. Make multiple tight wraps, half hitch, and cement.
Fold the bunny strip out of the way and cut off the excess tube at the end of the hook eye.
Make sure to leave it a little longer than the eye, this helps form the deep body.
Slide the tube back to form the body and secure.
Fold the bunny strip down and tie off just behind the hook eye. Leave enough room to form a good tapered head.
Trim excess bunny strip, whip finish and cement.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Typically I don't use head cement. If you tie well, most flies will stay together without it, this fly is the exception. Many times the body will rotate around the hook shank unless you either nick up the shank or cement well and often.
  • Other good colors for the Brown Trout Candy are Yellow/Gold and White/Silver.
  • Yellow Bunny / Gold Mylar is a great dirty water color.
  • Look at your local sewing supply store for the tubing. It's sold as mylar piping and can be purchased for about 1/2 the cost of most fly shops.
Tied By: Eric Zadorecky