Wascally Wabbit Spey Wascally Wabbit Spey

Daiichi 2051 #7-3
Black 6/0
Flat Silver Tinsel
Rear 2/3, Insect Green Floss
Front 1/3, Peacock Herl Oval Silver Tinsel
Black Rabbit Strip (Zonker Cut)
Natural Guinea Fowl

An effective and easy to tie pattern for salmon and steelhead on the swing

Step By Step:
Tie in the rib and then the flat tinsel 1/3 of the way back from the eye. Tie the flat tinsel in with the gold side up.
Fold the flat tinsel over itself and wrap backwards to a spot above the middle of the hook point, binding down the ribbing tinsel as you go.
Now reverse the direction and over-wrap the tinsel back to the original tie in point. Bind down and trim the surplus.
Tie in your green floss on top of the tinsel.
Wrap the floss back to a spot directly over the tip of the hook point, making sure a bit of the silver tinsel is still showing. Then reverse the direction and wrap back to the tie in point. Bind down and trim the surplus.
Tie in 3-5 strands of peacock herl at the end of the floss body section.
Wrap the herl forward to a point just shy of the hook eye, making sure to leave enough room to tie in the wing and collar.
Wrap the ribbing tinsel forward and tie off.
Cut a short piece of black rabbit strip about the same length as the hook shank and tie in as the wing. The fibers should extend well past the bend of the hook.
Stroke back the fibers on a guinea fowl feather and tie it in by it's tip, with the good side of the feather facing forward.
Wrap the guinea fowl to create the collar. Tie off and trim.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.