Bunny Spey Bunny Spey
Mustad 36890 #2
Black 6/0
Hareline Caddis Dub, Purple
Purple Rabbit Strip
Purple Guinea Fowl

The Bunny Spey is a popular fly for fall steelhead. It can be tied in a wide variety of colors.

Step By Step:
Place hook in vice, attach thread at the head and wrap to the rear.
Cut a piece of rabbit strip approx. 2.5x the length of the shank. Tie it in from it's center directly over the hook point. Be careful not to bind down any of the guard hair when tying down.
Dub a large tapered body, stopping just short of the hook eye.
Tie down the forward end of the rabbit strip at the head and trim any excess.
Stroke back the fibers on the guinea fowl feather and tie it in by it's tip, with the good side of the feather facing forward.
Wrap the guinea fowl to create the collar. Tie off and trim.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.