Bunny Strip Sculpin Bunny Strip Sculpin

Any Streamer Hook 2-4x #6
Mustad Lazer Sharp #10
Olive 6/0
Olive Rabbit Strip (Zonker Cut)
Olive Rabbit Strip (Zonker Cut)
Olive Schlappen
Olive Marabou
Wood Duck Olive or Yellow
Possum Natural or Grey

An super easy and extremely deadly spey pattern for Steelhead.

Step By Step:
Start with a good solid, thick thread base, this is what will help secure your trailer.
Tie up your trailer. I use a superline like spectra, it's super strong, thin diameter and very supple which allows it to move with the bunny strip in the water, not tangle with it. A simple loop thru the eye and around the hook will be more than enough to secure the hook.
Tie in the trailer starting at the rear of the main hook. Wrap 2/3rds up the shank. Don't wrap where the head is going to be, like deer hair heads, it'll be tough to spin the hair over a thread base!
Fold the line back on itself and tie down. Make sure to secure this part very well as this is where it gets it's strength.
Add the bunny strip leaving about 1 1/2 times hook length off the back of the hook. Any less and the strip won't have very good action in the water, any more and you'll end up with a bunch of short strikes! Tie it in securely.
Wrap it up the hook about half way and secure. More or less according to your preference.
Tie the schlappen in by the tip.
Palmer up about 1/3 the remaining shank. Secure.
Add a few strands of your favorite flash material. Copper krystal flash shown here.
Tie your marabou in also by the tip and wrap up 1/2 the remainder of the shank. Secure.
Stroke back the fibers if you have trouble with the marabou getting in the way. For a fix that'll last you till your done tying, slick back the feathers with your fingers dipped in water!
Tie in the wood duck by the tip, underside facing out.
A couple wraps is all you need. Secure.
Don't worry if some, or half, of your feather points forward. Simply slick back with your fingers and tie in.
Add a bit of possum and spin like deer hair to form a head.
Might need to add a small clump more to finish it off.
Whip finish and cement if desired.... GO SWING!

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can tie the Bunny Strip Sculpin in a variety of colors. Olive is the most popular, but browns, black, and tans are also productive.
  • The body hook can be removed, but make sure the trailer is a good sharp and sturdy hook as most fish will come on that.
  • You can add, remove or change around body materials. Experiment!!
Tied By: e.