George's Redfish Candy
Dai-Riki 930 #4
White 3/0
Lead Dumbell
White Calf Tail
Gold Sparkle Hair
EZ showed me this pattern for Redfish. I later discovered the Smallies love it too! A quick, down and dirty variation of the classic Clouser Minnow.

Step By Step:
Attach your tying thread and lay down a small thread base behind the eye.
Attach your eyes aprox. 1/4 of the way down the shank using figure-8 wraps.
Tie in a small bunch of long white calf tail on top of the shank. Even the tips up by hand prior to tying in, rather than stacking, to avoid the ugly "paintbrush" look. Trim the butts and bind down.
Wrap the calf tail down along the shank in the Clouser style (See Pattern).
Flip the hook over in the vise and move the thread up in front of the eyes. This is where a rotary vise can save you a bit of time.
Select a big long bunch of Sparkle Hair and tie it in by the middle, on top of the shank. Take 5 or 6 really snug wraps. NOTE: Sparkle Hair is an Orvis private-label material. It looks identical to a package of PolarFlash I've got, which is made by Hedron.
Now fold the front-facing fibers backwards over the tie in wraps and bind down tight.
Wrap a tapered thread head if you'd like, whip finish, and cement well.
Now just trim up the protruding fibers by stagger cutting them into a bit of a taper.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • A stainless steel hook is not a must.
  • You can substitute bucktail for the calf tail, but the fly will be a bit more boyant.
  • For a slower sinking pattern for shallow flats fishing, use black bead chain or plastic craft bead for the eyes.
Tied By: Brian Doelle.