Mullet Fly
Daiichi 2546 # 3/0
White, Danville Flatwaxed
Hedron Strung Fuzzy Fiber
Molded 3-D 5/16"
Mullet, everything eats em'. From Tarpon to Snook, Jacks to Trout, just about anything you'll find will make this pattern an easy lunch. Tie them is differing sizes and shades and you'll be covered for just about anything that swims in the salt.

Step By Step:
Start with a good thread base just behind the eye. Don't extend it more than an inch or so. Tie in your first bunch of fuzzy fiber, right in the center of the material, leaving enough room towards the eye for a few more bunches to be tied in later.
Fold the right half back towards the tail, secure with a few thread wraps.
Add the 2nd color in the same manner as the first. Make sure it's longer than the first bunch to form a good tapered tail.
Add the third color. Set it on top, measure it out.
Tie it in and secure.
Comb it out to make sure the body is acceptable and blends well.
Mix up a batch of epoxy.
Using a dubbing needle, thoroughly throughout the eye area, both side. Also, cover the thread wraps, and the area between these and the eyes.
Place the eyes.
As the epoxy dries, pull the material back. This will keep all the material and epoxy on top of the hook and not allow it to close the hook gap. It will also help form the body.
After the epoxy dries comb it out and trim to desired shape.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • These flies are tied in a variety of colors and sizes; Experiment!
  • Try tying this pattern in smaller sizes, 2-6, and pitch em' for smallies.
  • A stainless steel hook is not a must.

Tied By:
Eric Zadorecky