Viagra Caddis Viagra Caddis
Tiemco 2457 #8-12
Black 6/0
Silver or Black Bead (optional)
Black Dubbing
Insect Green Ultra Chenille

A good, easy to tie pattern for steelhead, salmon, and trout on any stream where caddis are found. This fly is especially effective for trout behind active salmon or steelhead redds.

Step By Step:
Slip a small bead (optional) over the hook point and insert the hook into the vice.
Attach black tying thread just slightly behind the bead.
Tie in a piece of ultra chenille slightly behind the bead, leaving enough room for the head. The chenille should extend to roughly 1.5x the length of the hook snank. Note that it may be easier to taper the chenille prior to tying it in. Jump ahead to step 7 for details.
Trim any remaining chenille that extends to the right of the tie in point.
Twist a small amount of black dubbing onto your tying thread. Lite-Brite dubbing was used in this fly, but rabbit dubbing also works well and gives a slightly more subdued effect while maintaining a "buggy" appearance.
Wrap a small amount of dubbing to form the head and whip finish behind the bead. You can use a bodkin or small wire brush to pick out the dubbing a bit for a "buggier" look if desired.
If you didn't taper the ultra chenille prior to tying it in you can do so now. To do this you'll need a lighter or candle. Hold the chenille from one end between your thumb and index finger so that the strip is parallel with the floor. Hold the chenille approx. 1" above the flame of the lighter and rotate slowly. Note that you must use ULTRA chenille for this material, as "regular" chenille will unravel.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.