Tom's Rabbit Strip Hex
Streamer, 4X Long #6
Light Green Monocord 3/0
Natl, Rabbit Strip (Zonker Cut)
Natl, Rabbit Strip (Zonker Cut)
Gold Wire
Yellow Fur Dubbing
Turkey Tail
Partridge Body Feather

Hexagenia limbata is Michiganís giant burrowing mayfly. Its massive emergence in early June triggers a spree of late-night dry fly fishing known to all as the Hex Hatch. The Hex nymph, however, is considered a must-have fly for winter and spring steelhead. Fish it dead-drifted near the bottom and wiggled to the surface on the swing.

Step By Step:
Tie on eyes with cross-wraps.
Tie down rabbit strip at hook bend.
Tie in gold wire for ribbing.
Dub abdomen. Keep it fairly slim, but rough and buggy.
Use wire to bind down rabbit strip and tie off and trim in front of abdomen.
Tie in section of turkey tail feather, treated with Krylon, for wingcase.
Dub thorax, somewhat fuller than abdomen.
Tie in partridge feather by the tip and wrap several turns for collar, folding the feather back as you go.
Fold the wingcase forward, dividing the collar. Bind down behind and in front of the eyes.
Dub head, cross-wrapping between the eyes. Form a neat head, whip finish and cement.

Additional Tips/Photos:
- Top View -

  • To make the turkey wing case more durable, treat it with Krylon Clear Workable Fixative or Softex.
  • Color variations: I prefer the natural rabbit fur, but yellow should also be a good choice.
  • This fly may also be weighted with lead wire, lead or bead-chain eyes.
Tied By: Tom Brooks.