Ram Nymph
Tiemco 9300 #8-14
Black, 8/0
Dk. Green Twisted Antron Yarn
White Antron Yarn

A very simple pattern, this nymph was introduced to me while on a guided float trip on the Madison River in Montana.

Step By Step:
Start thread and tie in a piece of Anton yarn. Wrap over the excess to help make a uniform body.
Twist the Anton yarn a few times to make a tight cord. Wrap the cord forward to the position shown to create the body.
Tie in a piece of white Anton yarn just behind the eye.
Trim excess yarn, finish head, and trim the wing to a short puff as shown.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Try tying this pattern in darker shades of olive and even amber to mimic different caddis larva.
  • Also, try dressing heavier hooks with this pattern to use for steelhead.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.