Prince Nymph
Tiemco 3761 #8-18
Red, 8/0
Brown Goose Biots
Fine Tinsel (Gold or Silver)
Peacock Herl
White Goose Biots
Brown Hackle

The prince nymph is a very productive nymph in many streams. Although somewhat difficult to tie, I like them in smaller sizes—and with a bead head.

Step By Step:
Slide an appropriately sized bead on the hook before inserting it into the vise. Start the thread and wrap a small mound at the bend as shown.
Take 2 brown goose biots and tie them in- one on each side of the shank, with the curve facing outwards. Wrap the thread back towards the mound at the bend and the biots will flare a bit.
Tie in the rib material and 2-4 strands of peacock herl (depending on hook size) to be used for the body.
Wrap the peacock forward to the bead head and secure, followed by the rib material. Tie off and trim excess.
Select a small brown hackle, tie it in, and make a few wraps for a collar. Tie off and trim the rest of the feather.
Select 2 white goose biots and secure them as shown. This part takes some practice to get the hang of. Try tying them with plenty of the tips facing the rear of the fly, make a couple of thread wraps, and position the biots by pulling the butts. It’s also hard to get a good cut since this step is done right at the bead. Try using a razor blade to cut the biots off just in front of the thread wraps, on top of the bead.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • This pattern gets very difficult to tie in sizes smaller than 14.
  • The bead head is optional, but it definately fishes better with one.
  • Use black thread if you choose not to tie the bead head version.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.