Mysis Shrimp
Daiichi 1530 #6-8
White 6/0
Craft Bead or Beadchain
White Antron
Pearl Sparkle Braid
White Antron

A general fresh water shrimp pattern for steelhead.

Step By Step:
Place hook in vice and attach thread near the hook bend.
Tie in a short piece of antron parallel to the hook shank, just over the barb, with approx. 1x the shank length protruding rearward. Fold the forward facing antron backwards and over wrap with a few turns of thread.
Tie in the sparkle braid and wrap thread to a point just a bit behind the hook eye, making sure to leave enough room for the eyes.
Attach the plastic craft bead eyes using figure eight thread wraps.
Wrap the sparkle braid forward to the eyes, tie off and trim.
Fold the shellback forward and tie off in front of the eyes.
Trim the antron shellback so it protrudes about .5x the shank length in front of the eyes and whip finish.
Tied By: Erik Rambo.