Bear's Black Stone Modified Bear's Black Stone
Daiichi 1530 #4-6
Black 6/0
Craft Bead or Beadchain
Black Afterfeather Fluff
Black V-Rib
Peacock Herl
Black Hen Hackle
Pearl Mylar

A Bear Andrews stone fly pattern that's been modified slightly.

Step By Step:
Place hook in vice and attach thread near the hook bend.
Tie in a small clump of black fuzzy fibers, just over the point, with approx. 1x the shank length protruding rearward. You can find this type of "fluff" at the base of the black hen hackle used for the legs. It should look live very shorty marabou.
Tie in the V-rib above the tail facing rearwards. Move your tying thread to the halfway point of the hook shank.
Wrap the V-rib to the halfway point, tie off and trim.
Attach the mylar wingcase just ahead of the v-rib on the top of the shank.
Tie in 3-4 strands of herl by the tips just ahead of the shellback.
Tie in the eyes with figure eight wraps behind the hook eye. Make sure to leave just a little bit of room for tying down the wingcase.
Wrap the peacock herl forward to a point just behind the eyes, tie off and trim.
Tie in a black hen neck heckle by it's tip directly behind the eyes.
Make several wraps behind the eyes, tie off and trim.
Move the thread to just behind the hook eye. Fold the wing case forward and tie off.
Trim the wing case and whip finish.