Leon's Soft Hackle
Daiichi 1530
Brown, 8/0
Insect Green Dubbing
Crystal Flash
Hen Neck Hackle

Another simple to tie yet remarkably effective soft hackle nymph pattern from Leon Hanson. A perfect tie for steelhead in snag filled lies. You won't feel bad about loosing this fly, as you can tie one in 60 seconds flat!

Step By Step:
Place the hook in the vise and tie in a single strand of pearl Crystal Flash for the rib.
Dub a very buggy looking body using insect green dubbing.
Wrap the rib forward, tie off, and trim.
Strip the fluff trom the base of a hen neck feather and tie in as shown with the good side facing out.
Take one or two turns of hackle, tie off and trim. Wrap a small head to finish.
Tied By: Leon Hanson.