Leon's Black Rasberry
Daiichi 1530
Black 6/0
Black Maribou
Pearl Crystal Flash
Black Rams Wool
Lime Cactus Chenile
Black Hen Hackle

A very easy pattern to tie that's higly effective for steelhead, salmon, and trout. Vary the bright cactus chenile color for light conditions and stream preference. Leon recommends using red raspberry in low light conditions and lime (pictured) on bright days.

Step By Step:
Insert the hook in the vice and attach black tying thread near the bend.
Tie in a small clump of marabou fibers. Leon just folds the butts backwards and ties them down, rather than trimming them, to save time.
Tie in a single strand of crystal flash for the rib.
Trim a small bunch of rams wool from the hide. Tie it in by the tip, wrap loosely around the thread once and then wrap thread forward to dub the body. This is the fastest and easiest way to get a good buggy looking dubbing we've ever seen. Wrap the rib forward and tie off.
Now tie in and take TWO turns of cactus chenile. Leon went out of his way to stress only 2 turns!
Strip the fluff trom the base of a hen neck feather and tie in as shown with the good side facing out.
Take one or two turns of hackle, tie off and trim. Wrap a small head to finish.
Tied By: Leon Hansen