Completed Hares Ear Nymph Hare's Ear Nymph
Tiemco 3761 #10-18
Match Body Color, 8/0
Hare's Mask Guard Hairs
Hare's Mask Dubbing
Gold Tinsel
Mottled Turkey

The Hare's Ear is one of the first nymphs you should learn to tie and fish. Sometimes weighted with a bead head or lead wraps, this nymph should be in good supply in every fly box. The Hares Ear is just as effective for spring Steelhead in the Great Lakes as it is for Trout.

Step By Step:
Start thread and cut out a small clump of guard hairs from a hare's mask. The guard hairs are the ones that are between the eyes on the mask. Clean out the under fur and secure them as shown. Also tie in the rib material at this point.
Dub a slightly tapered abdomen and make a few wraps of the rib over it.
Cut a small sliver of a mottled turkey feather. You can pre treat the feather with Pliobond or an equivalent substance to make the feather stronger. Tie in the turkey segment on top of the shank.
Dub the thorax so it is bigger than the abdomen. Pull the turkey segment over the thorax and tie off. Whip finish, cement head, and use a needle to pick out some of the fibers under the thorax to give it a buggier look.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • The Hare's Ear has many different variations.
  • Some good colors are tan, black, and olive.
  • The tail can also be made of hackle fibers or wood duck flank fibers.
  • You can use wire for the rib as well.
  • Mylar flash makes a good wing case.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher