EZ's Hexagenia Nymph
Daiichi 1770 #8
Light Green Monocord 3/0
Pheasant Tail Feather
Small Brass Wire
Small Aftershaft Feather
Pale Yellow Dubbing
Black 2.5 mm Strung Eyes
Brown/Beige Soft Hackle

Hexagenia limbata is Michigan’s giant burrowing mayfly. Its massive emergence in early June triggers a spree of late-night dry fly fishing known to all as the Hex Hatch. The Hex nymph, however, is considered a must-have fly for winter and spring steelhead. Fish it dead-drifted near the bottom and wiggled to the surface on the swing.

Step By Step:
What ya' need.
Start with a thread base. Leave thread about 1/4 down the rear bend of the hook.
Tie about 6 pheasant tail feathers in on the back bend of the hook.
Tie in a piece of small diameter brass or copper colored wire.
Select a small, but long, after-shaft feather. These can be found behind every larger feather.
Strip away this feather being careful not to rip it as they are very delicate.
Tie in the after-shaft feather from the tip.
Using pale yellow dubbing, twist to form a "rope".
Form a body, leaving a little room behind the eye. Wrap the thread back to the lowest point on the hook.
Fold the after-shaft forward over the hook.
Clip off excess feather and secure with a couple more thread wraps.
Wrap wire around body to secure feather on top. Use a bodkin or needle to manipulate feathers around so you don't tie them down, just try and secure the feather stem.
Top view of wire wraps
Secure entire feather, remove excess wire
The pheasant tail feathers will cover the back, but don't pull them over just yet.
Place the eyes, just behind the eye of the hook. Leave them strung together to make it easier to work with.
Figure "8" wrap the eyes to secure
Wrap enough times to secure the eyes so they don't easily move.
Clip off extra eyes. Add a little more dubbing between the eyes and behind. Run thread back to tie in point of the "gills".
Fold pheasant tail feather forward over eyes, secure with a couple thread wraps
Fold feathers back towards rear to get them out of the way. Run thread up just behind the eyes.
Tie in a soft hackle by the tip.
Wrap the hackle around about 3 times, secure and cut off excess. Don't worry if it looks like this.
Gather hackle between fingers and gently pull down and back. You can trim off any ones that just won't cooperate.
Secure with a couple thread wraps. Run thread in front of eyes, just behind the eye of the hook.
Fold remaining Pheasant feathers forward over the eye of the hook, place a couple loose wraps to secure.
Trim off excess feathers, a couple more thread wraps to secure. Half hitch or whip finish, cement if desired.

Additional Tips/Photos:
- Top View -
- Side View -
- Bottom View -
Tied By: Eric Zadorecky.