Antron Bug Antron Bug
Daiichi 1530
Black 6/0
Rust Antron Yarn

Tan Sparkle Yarn
Brown Grizzly Saddle
Small Black Plastic Bead Chain

The Antron Bug is an effective pattern that immitates Stonefly's, Hex, and Mysis. Good for Trout, Steelhead, and even a Salmon or two...

Step By Step:
Start with a thread base.
Tie in the antron at the back of the hook.
Fold it over towards the back, make 2 tight wraps to secure.
Tie in the sprakle yarn from the eye back to the bend, leave enough to wrap back up to the hook point.
Tie in the hackle from the tip. Bring the thread forward to the eye.
Tie in the eyes.

Wrap the tag end of the sparkle yarn forward, tie off and cut excess.

Palmer hackle forward, secure, trim excess feather.

Bring antron up and over to form a shell back and secure. Half-hitch or whip finish, cement if desired.

Tied By: Erik Rambo.