Yarn Alevin
Dia-Riki 155 #8
White Flat Waxed
McFly Foam
White McFly Foam
A very simple pattern that represents an alevin, the stage in the life cycle between the egg and the fry...not to mention the shake :~) A deadly effective pattern after the hatch of Salmon or Steelhead eggs. Fish em' not only for Steelhead, but big Trout as well.

Step By Step:
Start with a good thread base.
Cut a small piece of McFly foam, tie it onto the bottom of the hook shank.
Pull tight and trim to desired size.
It should look kinda' like a half egg.
Cut a small piece of white McFly foam, place on top to immitate the body of the alevin; tie in.
Half hitch or whip finish, cement if desired.
Tied By: Eric Zadorecky.