Daiichi 1530 #10
White 8/0
Angora, White
Sucker Spawn is a simple and very effective great lakes Steelhead pattern. This fly was originated in centeral Pennsylvania at least 40 years ago, although not as a Steelhead fly. Sucker Spawn was first fished in the Lake Erie tributaries around 1980-81 by Chuck Farneth.

Step By Step:
Start a thread wrap, cover the entire hook shank. This will prevent the yarn from rolling over the shank when tying.
Cut a piece of Angora yarn about 8", fold in half.
Tie yarn in from the "tag" ends creating a loop.
Leave your thread towards the back of the shank.
Bring the looped end back towards the eye, making a loop.
Place a couple thread wraps over the yarn loosely.
Pull the "long" end of the yarn until desired loop size is attained.
Make a couple more wraps to secure.
Repeat making loops until shank is covered.
Trim off remaining yarn, half hitch or whip finish.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • The color of the Angora yarn is up to you. Natural colors are better for clear water conditions; go brighter the dirtier the water conditions get.
  • Thread can match the color of the yarn, but doesn't need to. At times a bright thread color such as orange, pink or red can work as well, if not better.
  • Amount of yarn or foam will vary with type used.
Tied By: Eric Zadorecky.