Scrambled Eggs

Curved Scud/Nymph
2X Heavy Wire,#10-16
Fluorescent Orange
Egg yarn
2 contrasting colors
Another fly developed for the Lake Erie steelhead fishery.

Step By Step:
Attach the thread at the eye. Select a small clump of light colored egg yarn, and place a thinner strip of red along with it. Tie the yarn in at the eye as shown.
Make the body sections by bunching the material and then securing it with the thread
Construct 3-4 body sections depending on hook size and secure at the back of the bend.
Using the top view for visual purposes, wrap the thread in a diagonal over the top of the body sections to further segment the body.
Wrap over each section and tie off the material at the first spot where the material was originally tied in. Whip finish and cut thread here.
Trim the excess material at the front and the back of the fly, leaving small tufts of material. Finished fly.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Red makes the best stripe, but you can experiment with different body colors to suit your needs.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.