Veiled Nuke Egg Nuke Egg Fly
Egg Hook #8-#12
8/0, color to match veil
McFly Foam
Egg Yarn
The Nuke Egg is a standard egg fly pattern that is easy to tie. Some good colors for the egg's veil include pink, white, and light blue.

Step By Step:
Start thread at the hook eye and wrap about 1/3 of the shank length back.
Create the egg ball as you would a normal glow bug. Pull up tight, and make a quick, clean cut to form the egg (notice the tension is enough to make the hook bend upwards temporarily).
Tie in a sparse piece of egg yarn for the veil. Try to position the material at the tie-in point so that the veil will encompass about the top half of the egg ball.
Trim veil as shown and finish head as desired.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher