Halo Egg
Egg Hook #8-#10
Color to match halo
Craft store bead
Egg yarn-color of choice
This fly is a product of experiment. Depending on the bead, you can slide it on or attach it to the top of the shank like the glue egg. Just make sure that you do not close the gap of the hook by using a bead that is too large.

Step By Step:
Slide bead onto hook and put hook in vise.
Start thread behind bead and tie in yarn for the halo. Tie the yarn in so that the material encompasses the hook shank. Make sure that you leave enough room at the eye to tie off the yarn.
Swing thread over bead and make a small thread base to tie off the yarn. Pull yarn forward, making sure that the material goes all the way wound the bead.
Tie off yarn in front of the bead.
Trim and finish head. This fly looks awesome when submerged.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.