Double Egg & Sperm Fly
Tiemco 7999 #4-6
Fluorescent Orange
Gold Tinsel
Golden Pheasant Crest
Hot Orange Chenille
Orange Strung Chinese Saddle
White Marabou
A rather involved egg pattern, this fly is one that is popular for Pacific salmon.

Step By Step:
Start thread and attach gold tinsel just before the bend. Make a few wraps of the tinsel down the bend and wrap back to the tie-in point. Cut off excess tinsel.
Tie in a golden pheasant crest feather with the curved side facing back as shown.
Strip a small amount of the fuzz from a piece of hot orange chenille to expose the thread it is braided with.
Attach the chenille by tying it in by the exposed thread, and make a small ball to form the rear egg.
Attach more gold tinsel and wrap it forward to the point shown. Tie off and remove the excess tinsel.
Repeat step 4 to make the front egg. Tie in the hackle feather by the tip.
Make a few folded wraps of the hackle to form the collar, tie off feather and trim the excess.
Tie in the white marabou feather just back from the eye so that the wing extends to the pheasant crest.
Whip finish and cement head.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.