Blood Dot

Curved nymph/scud hook
2x strong,Sz. 10-16
Fluorescent Orange 6/0
Egg Yarn
Red Egg Yarn
Developed by Jeff Blood of Pennsylvania, this egg pattern does some damage on the Steelhead of Lake Erie.

Step By Step:
Start with a good thread base and wrap back to the barb.
Attach a small piece of egg yarn so that the majority of the material is facing the back of the fly. Trim the excess, and push the material back a bit to form a bulge for the back section of the body. Tie off this section as shown.
Repeat the last step to form the next section. The body has 4 sections, with them being smaller on the front and back sections. Keep this in mind when making the bulged sections.
After the second section is secured, tie in a small strip of red egg yarn for the dot as shown.
Finish the last 2 sections, whip finish and trim the thread.
Pull up on the section of red yarn and trim it close to the top of the body to form the blood spot.
Top view of the finished fly

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • Try tying this fly using different colors for the body.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.