Trico Spinner
Tiemco 100 Sz.20-24
Black 14/0
Black Thread or superfine dubbing
White Micro Fibbetts
Sparkle Organza
The trico is a very important insect in many river systems. Since these bugs are so small, they are very hard to fish but well worth it.

Step By Step:
Start thread and wrap a small mound as shown. This will help to flare out the tail material.
Tie in a 4-6 micro fibbetts on top of the shank, wrapping towards the rear. As the thread goes towards the mound, the fibers will separate. Try to get them into two tail sections.
Sparkle organza is a material used in making wedding gowns. You can get some at any local fabric store. It makes wings that sparkle in the sun, which is what the natural tricos have during the spinner stage.
Strip off some fibers from a piece of organza and tie them in using figure eight wraps.
Make any needed wraps of thread to fill out the body. On smaller flies, a straight thread body will work. You may also use superfine dubbing to complete the body. Pull up the wing material and make one cut to form the wings

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • You can use polypropylene for the wings as a substitute for the sparkle organza
  • Try experimenting with high visibility material—it will help you when it comes time to fish these tiny flies.
Tied By: Chris Hatcher.