Parachute Adams
TMC 100, Sz. 10-18
Black 8/0
Brown & Grizzly hackle fibers
Adam’s color superfine dubbing
White antron or substitute
Brown & Grizzly mix
The Parachute Adams is probably one of the most popular "One Size Fits All" patterns. A good match for many hatches, don't leave home with out a box full.

Step By Step:
Start thread and wrap back to above barb.
Tie in mix of brown and grizzly hackle barbs.
Tie in post. Click HERE for a "How To" article on tying posts.
Dub body up to post.
Tie in brown & grizzly hackle feathers as shown.
Wrap the hackle starting at the top of the thread base on the post and working downward.
Add a little bit of dubbing to the thread to help cover up the tie in spot and secure the hackle with 3 good wraps.
Tie off and trim any errant hackle fibers. Trim post to look like mayfly wing.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.