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Spent Hexagenia Spinner Fly Hex Spinner
Mustad 9672 Sz. 6
6/0 Yellow
Deer hair/Dubbing
Pheasant tail fibers
White calf tail, Glow-in-the-dark Flashabou
The Hex Spinner floats very well and provides an excellent silhouette of a spent hexagenia mayfly.

Step By Step:
Start thread. Select a few pheasant tail fibers and tie them in as shown.
Stack a small clump of deer hair and align it on top of the shank so the tips extend just past the start of the bend.
Switch hands, and make a few wraps of thread to secure the hair. Push the clump down so it encompasses the shank, and wrap backwards with open loops, which will provide a segmented look to the body. Wrap back to the bend, make a few turns in place, and the return wrap the thread making x patterns back across the body. Trim off excess.
Cut a clump of calf tail fibers off perpendicular to the stem of the tail. Tie it in with the tips facing forward as shown. Trim excess.
Split the clump of calf tail by making a couple of cross wraps between the wings. Once you have the split started, you can make some tight wraps directly in front of the wings to help get them to the sides. Then, make some x wraps to make a good foundation that will keep the wings in place.
Add a small bit of glow-in-the-dark flashabou. Hold it in at an angle as shown, then make a wrap of thread from in front of the wing going back, and back underneath going forward.
Repeat these wraps to secure the material.
Tie in 2 grizzly hackle feathers behind the wings.
Wrap the hackle tightly up to the eye and secure. Finish head.
The Hex Spinner can have even more floatation added by tying in a hackle at the bend at step 1, then palmering the hackle forward over the body after step 3.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher

Sneaky Pete

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