Hendrickson, Reverse Hackle
Tiemco 100 #12-14
8/0 to Match Body
Superfine dubbing
Palmered dun hackle
Dun Micro Fibbetts
Dun Hen Saddle feathers
The Hendrickson is a great early season hatch that gets the attention of good fish during the daylight hours. This pattern has produced fish over 17” for me every year.

Step By Step:
Start thread and wrap a small mound as shown. This will help to flare out the tail material.
Tie in a 4-6 micro fibbetts on top of the shank, wrapping towards the rear. As the thread goes towards the mound, the fibers will separate. Try to get them into two tail sections.
Tie in the hackle feather at the end of the body. Next, dub a tapered body as shown.
Next, select a pair of dun hen saddle feathers and tie them in as shown. Try to wrap thread just in front and behind the stem to prop the feathers upward. Add some more dubbing to fill out the area at the base of the wings.
Palmer the dun hackle forward. Tie off and whip finish the head. The final touch is to trim the hackle along the bottom—this makes the fly land perfectly upright on the water.

Additional Tips/Photos:
  • This particular pattern is the Light Hendrickson variety, or sometimes called the female henny.
  • You can alter the body colors to match the natural, as there are a few different species that we commonly call Hendrickson.
Tied by: Chris Hatcher.